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Art by the Sea

A Prestigious Exhibition by Members of the Vero Beach Art Club and the Vero Beach Museum of Art

29th Annual ART BY THE SEA:

January 19, 20 & 21, 2018

This is one of the most anticipated shows of the Vero Beach Art Club's season. Held in the beautiful Holmes Great Hall at the Vero Beach Museum of Art, this show offers artists a chance to show one piece each of their artwork, all available for sale. A percentage is donated to the Vero Beach Art Club to support their educational outreach programs such as the scholarships they award to high school seniors and the donations they give to Elementary Schools, Middle Schools and various art classes in Indian River County. This year the show sold 23% of all the artwork on display at the show, it was an incredible success and the artwork was considered to be outstanding.


Vero Beach Museum of Art, Holmes Great Hall


3001 Riverside Park Drive, Vero Beach, Fl 32963


January 19, 20 & 21, 2018

Photos to left are some of our wonderful volunteers who worked so hard to make previous year's shows run smoothly.

Download the previous year 2017 Art by the Sea Application (the new application will be online in July)

ART BY THE SEA 2017 Awards By Category:

Congratulations to our ribbon winners!

John Mazur Memorial Award for BEST IN SHOW

First Place

Artist: Ruth Feldman
Title: Favorite Things


First Place
Artist: Charles Kaune
Title: Untitled


First Place
Artist: Carol Staub
Title: Hanging Out

Second Place
Artist: Dawn Mill
Title: Florida Beauty

Third Place
Artist: Mark C Kirby
Title: Shore Break


First Place
Artist: David Goodrich
Title: Appomattox View


First Place
Artist: Jens Bisgaard
Title: Sterling Silver Necklace - Swiss Blue Topaz


First Place
Artist: Margaret Goembel
Title: Boat House Series I
Second Place
Artist: Betsy Kurzinger
Title: Pulse
Third Place
Artist: Quentin Walter
Title: Tonto and the Lone Ranger


First Place Artist: Lisa Steffens
Title: Sebastian Inlet
Second Place
Artist: Cathleen Hahn
Title: La Vicuna
Third Place
Artist: Betsy Moser
Title: Over the River


First Place
Artist: George Pillorge
Title: Time Passes Too Quickly
Second Place
Artist: Charles Kaune
Title: Untitled
Third Place
Artist: Joyce Bohan
Title: Margaret


First Place
Artist: Joan Earnhart
Title: Saturdays at the Lake
Second Place
Artist: Guztaf Miller
Title: Carryback 10
Third Place
Artist: Al Gustave
Title: Rocking Rocker II


First Place
Artist: Joan Turner
Title: Light
Second Place
Artist: Beth Anne Fairchild
Title: Tulips
Third Place
Artist: Joel Johnson
Title: Alpine Reflections


1. Artist: Paul R Davis
Title: Calm Waters
2. Artist: Nancy Galligan
Title: Almost There 3. Artist: Soozi Schuble
Title: Untitled
4. Artist: George Beckman
Title: Shining Grace
5. Artist: Eileen Farrell
Title: Abstract 2
6. Artist: Richard Gillmor
Title: Mars or Bust
7. Artist: Joe Montagnino
Title: Norfolk Pine Vase
8. Artist: George Paxton
Title: Daphne's Escape
9. Artist: Robert and Teresa Nilsson
Title: Blue Glacier Pendant
10. Artist: Lionel Ogilvie
Title: Florida Landscape
11. Artist: Alicia Callander
Title: Evolution of the Word
12. Artist: Ronald E Miller
Title: The Image
13. Artist: Dale Erickson
Title: Glamour Boy
14. Artist: Marcia F Robertson
Title: Brotherly Love
15. Artist: Diana M Feuer
Title: Jubilee

Contact Committee Chair:
Judy Rixom
h: 772-562-1107/ c: 772-453-9634

Sherry Haaland