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About the Artist:

I had been a portrait and wedding photographer using film and a medium format camera. After ten years, I sold my studio in Connecticut when my husband retired from his job and we moved back to Indiana. I kept a studio there for 12 years then moved to Florida. I had to join the 21st Century and learn digital photography. After taking workshops for digital photography and photoshop, I took and still taking workshops for bird, landscape and closeup photography. It has been a challenge but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I love traveling and enjoy talking with the and learning as much as I can about the history of the land. It gives me a deeper feeling for what I am photographing.I have won many competitions in Connecticut, Indiana, Florida and North Carolina. Competing keeps me sharp and always wanting to learn more.

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A Portugese Hotel A handsome Crested Caracara Along the Zambezi River
A Portugese Hotel
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A handsome Crested Caracara
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Along the Zambezi River
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Flying Home Going West Lining Up
Flying Home
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Going West
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Lining Up
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Lonely giraffe Rhonda, Spain Singing a little opera
Lonely giraffe
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Rhonda, Spain
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Singing a little opera
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Singing in the Lilac Bush Sitting pretty Watch Out!
Singing in the Lilac Bush
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Sitting pretty
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Watch Out!
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