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About the Artist:

. Since I was young, I learned to enjoy and appreciate the wonderful and diverse landscapes and wildlife. To further my understanding of the natural world, I chose to capture what I could see with my photography. Born and raised in Northern Minnesota, recently moved from Colorado. to Vero Beach FL. I always try to convey my experiences of this world and its wild inhabitants to others. Hope you'll enjoy your visit to my world of the wild and beautiful.

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Black Necked Stilt Buffalo In Yellowstone NP Sunset Great Egret Flight
Black Necked Stilt
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Buffalo In Yellowstone NP Sunset
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Great Egret Flight
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Osprey Closeup Osprey Flight Osprey On Nest
Osprey Closeup
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Osprey Flight
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Osprey On Nest
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Sandhill Crane Flight Sandhill Crane and Baby
Sandhill Crane Flight
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Sandhill Crane and Baby
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