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About the Artist:

Sandy Stevenson is a contemporary American Artist whose images spring from her spiritual being, her joy of painting, and the places she's been. Her work includes seascapes, landscapes, still life, florals, figurative works, and religious Icons.

A fondness for the ocean springing from family trips to the New Jersey shore inspires her Coast to Coast portfolio. Intriguing light, color, and shadow shapes on rocks and desert sands are highlighted in the artist's Western Desert series. Her Asian Odyssey series is the outcome of a year in Hong Kong and travels throughout the region. Stevenson's religious convictions are artistically expressed through the writing of religious Icons as defined by Orthodox traditions.

As an award-winning artist, Stevenson's work has appeared in international, invitational, and national juried shows. HGTV's "Look Who's Coming To Decorate" featured two of her paintings. Internationally known artists she has studied with include Marietta Dantonio, AMARIS of Mexico City, and Karl J. Kuerner, III (mentored by Andrew Wyeth).

10% of money received over $100 will be donated to the buyer's favorite charity.

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After the Deluge Fly Over Lookout with Pine
After the Deluge
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Fly Over
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Lookout with Pine
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Lunch on the Run Mother of God of Peace Natural Bridge, Death Valley
Lunch on the Run
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Mother of God of Peace
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Natural Bridge, Death Valley
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Old Man of Guilin, China Riptide Rock and Roll
Old Man of Guilin, China
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Rock and Roll
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The Guardian The Passage The Shaman
The Guardian
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The Passage
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The Shaman
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Three Visitors Together
Three Visitors
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