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About the Artist:

Caroline was born and raised in Bayonne, New Jersey and moved to Florida 10 years ago. A wife, mother, grandmother, registered nurse and artist, she and husband now live in Sebastian, Florida. She did not discover her talent and true passion for art until late in life because she was quite busy working and raising a family. Several years ago a friend and accomplished artist recognized her talent and tutored her as she began her art journey.

Since that time she has worked tirelessly to develop her artistic abilities and skills and she uses her passion for painting to create wonderful original works of art. Her natural ability to see color and put what she sees on canvas results in a vibrant style of her own and makes her work visually and conceptually appealing. Although she works primarily in oils, she certainly enjoys creating works using other mediums.

During the year her work can be found on display and in shows at local venues in and around Indian River County Florida. She has sold pieces which are now in private collections around the country. Caroline is a member of the Vero Beach Museum of Art, the Indian River Cultural Council, the Vero Beach Art Club and the Sebastian River Art Club.

Artwork Protected by Copyright
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"Bahama Beach" "Coconut Cluster" "Dance of the Angels"
"Bahama Beach"
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"Coconut Cluster"
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"Dance of the Angels"
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"Enchanted Everglades" "Green Coconuts" "Never Forgotten"
"Enchanted Everglades"
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"Green Coconuts"
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"Never Forgotten"
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"Not Named" "Penelope" "Street in Spain"
"Not Named"
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"Street in Spain"
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"Sunflower Bouquet" "The Lemon" "Tranquility"
"Sunflower Bouquet"
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"The Lemon"
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"Tuscan Countryside" "Wild Waves"
"Tuscan Countryside"
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"Wild Waves"
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