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Christiane is an experienced sculptor working in bronze. She received undergraduate and graduate degrees in art and education and went on to teach sculpture, ceramics, metals, and art history before embarking on a career as a sculptor. MEDIUM:“Bronze is my preferred medium because of its counter-intuitive nature – it is both warm and unyielding. Bronze best reflects the form of my work in its ability to both define and adapt to its surroundings. I work with the human form to continually explore the range and rhythm of human emotion and its idiosyncratic nature”.WEBSITE: www.casellabronze.comEMAIL:

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32963 Bye for Now Cashore
Bye for Now
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Conversation Pace & Bene R. Benvolio
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Pace & Bene
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R. Benvolio
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Stay with Me Unconditional
Stay with Me
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