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About the Artist:

Dorothy is a long time theater director, scenic designer, and museum educator, as well as visual artist. She holds an undergraduate degree in theater/speech arts, and masters degrees in both theater and museum leadership. For many years, Dorothy was the director of DramaMUSE Associates, a company that created interactive theater productions and drama based programs for major museums. She also taught acting at New York University and is co-author of two widely used books about using theater as an interpretive teaching tool in educational settings. A graduate of Columbia University, she lived for many years in the SoHo district of Manhattan where she studied art at Cooper Union and the School of Visual Arts. As a child and teenager, growing up in New York City, she attended the renowned Brooklyn Museum Art School. Her award winning collages can be seen in galleries, shows and collections in the New York City tri-state area, New England and Florida.

Dorothy's collages combine elements of her own photography, art papers, paints and in some instances found images and antique photos. The pieces, which sometimes contain personal, political or historical statements, are often framed within hand-made wooden structures that are designed and built by her husband Steve. Commissions for personalized collages are welcome. Dorothy is a co-owner of Gallery 14 in the Historic, Downtown Arts District of Vero Beach.

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After the Storm 2 Companeros Musicales Drying Behind the Bunk
After the Storm 2
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Companeros Musicales
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Drying Behind the Bunk
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Fiesta Mexicana Mattina A Roma Nightfall at Pelican Island
Fiesta Mexicana
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Mattina A Roma
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Nightfall at Pelican Island
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Norwegian Sea Watch Quarry Ghosts with Old Truck River of Hope
Norwegian Sea Watch
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Quarry Ghosts with Old Truck
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River of Hope
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The Watchers Walking Graffiti Hill
The Watchers
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Walking Graffiti Hill
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