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My love for painting started fifteen years ago. I was a stay home Mom and decided to try a painting class, which happened to be oil, I'm so glad it was. I love this medium! I have enjoyed painting ever since. I self-educate by classes, reading and of course learning from my fellow friends in art:)I've been involved with Hibiscus House (abused and neglected children) since 1991. At the moment I teach an acrylic painting class weekly, which my students tend to teach me new and exciting techniques! I also volunteer at the Humane Society, I have a love for animals as I do children. I hope to take this winter to concentrate on enjoying the subjects that tug at my heart. Thanks for visiting my site. Enjoy!!

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Miller Man Mother Mary Precious Moments
Miller Man
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Mother Mary
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Precious Moments
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Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty
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